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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax ID Number 

The Tax ID number for St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church (for The Great thou Art Camp) is: 93-065563

Who Can Attend The Great thou Art Camp? 

Our summer camp registration is open to children in grades one through seven (ages 6 through 12). Children with potentially serious medical conditions must be able to function independently.

What about my 12-year-old and Camp? 

Parents/Guardians wanting to know if 12-year-olds should attend The Great thou Art Camp should make that a joint decision with their child. The camp is designed to accommodate children from age 6 through age 12 with age-appropriate activities offered accordingly.

We want every camper to have a great experience and you know your child best. Not matter what age, if your child is looking forward to exploring new stories and open to try new art projects, then The Great thou Art Camp will be a good match. Children who do not want to participate in The Great thou Art Camp will most likely struggle.

What about the Color Groups? 

During registration, students are initially divided into five different grade-peer groups; however, it is not uncommon for grades to be mixed.

What if my child has severe allergies? 

The Great thou Art Camp welcomes children who have severe allergies – often tree nuts or peanuts – and we have several ways of making the camp safe for kids with severe allergies.

We ask that all families refrain from sending any kinds of nuts to camp but there are always a few…so Lunch time is supervised. Children with life-threatening allergies eat slightly apart from the main group, but not isolated, where we have a “nut-free zone” sign. They may bring a friend so they do not feel so set apart. We encourage frequent hand-washing. And, when we have kids with severe allergies, we use hand-wipes after lunch on everyone – before recess. It’s not a choice – even for the kids in the “I’m not washing anything stage”.

Color counselors and all teachers and staff, including the “camp mom” who provides most of the first aid and will be informed of each child’s allergies, symptoms, and the specific treatment recommended by parents.

We try to provide appropriate snacks, which are served in the morning studios – fruit snacks (everyone’s favorite except for the no-red-dye kids), fruit leathers, ‘nilla wafers, goldfish, pretzels, etc. But if a child’s tolerance level is very low, we recommend that snacks be sent from home. We also have special snacks – pure dried fruit chips and the like kept just in case.

We encourage you to fill out the registration form completely. You are welcome to discuss any specific medical needs and meet with the program coordinator (also known as the “camp mom” ) before your child begins camp.

Does the Camp have Religious Content? 

The Great thou Art Camp is sponsored by St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church as a way to provide a meaningful arts-based outreach program to the community. It is treated as secular with non-religious content and orientation.

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Frequently Asked Questions